Put an end to old fashion paper labels and save lots of time in your business with RF Paper. With this brand new Electronic Shelf Label application, you can manage all your labels from one central!


RF Paper can be used in many different sectors

Retail Sector

With the help of real-time update functionality, your labels will always display the newest prices in your ERP system and will minimize loss and maximize profits! Not only that but it will also enhance effectiveness by almost completely removing the labor costs.


It helps you to present more interactive and dynamic information to your visitors. From Check-in and Check-out times to Room Information, the ESL system could have a wide range of usage in Hotels too.


From Specials and Promotions to Table Reservations, the ESL system can display a broad range of information in an elegant way.


ESL system has many cases of use in hospitals and healthcare facilities such as Appointment Reminders, Wayfinding Assistance, Multilingual Patient Information and lots more!

Schools and study centers

Schools and study centers also benefits from ESL system. You can show many information on displays for the students and teachers such as Course Information, School Events or Exam Information.

Special Project

Of course, ESL system usage isn't limited to indoors only. You could display information in special events such as Fairs, Celebrations, Festivals, Concerts, and many more outdoor activities.

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Versatile Usage

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) systems offer versatile usage across various retail and other environments due to their ability to display dynamic information digitally. It uses E-ink technology, which is both environment friendly and also works in both cold and hot environment situations.

Environment Friendly

Digital technologies and the adoption of sustainable innovations eliminate the use of paper and create environmentally friendly new world for future generations.

Increase Effectiveness

Time is money and ESL system saves time, lots of time! So much so that you won't ever need your workers waste time on changing labels anymore. Labels itself will change simultaneously with any price changes in your ERP system.

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